Welcome to CheckPy!

An education oriented testing framework for Python. Developed for courses in the Minor Programming at the University of Amsterdam.



pip install checkpy


  • Customizable output, you choose what the users see.
  • Support for blackbox and whitebox testing.
  • The full scope of Python is available when designing tests.
  • Automatic test distribution, CheckPy will keep its tests up to date by periodically checking for new tests.
  • No infinite loops! CheckPy kills tests after a predefined timeout.


usage: checkpy [-h] [-module MODULE] [-download GITHUBLINK]
               [-register LOCALLINK] [-update] [-list] [-clean] [--dev]

checkPy: a python testing framework for education. You are running Python
version 3.6.2 and checkpy version 0.4.0.

positional arguments:
  file                  name of file to be tested

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -module MODULE        provide a module name or path to run all tests from
                        the module, or target a module for a specific test
  -download GITHUBLINK  download tests from a Github repository and exit
  -register LOCALLINK   register a local folder that contains tests and exit
  -update               update all downloaded tests and exit
  -list                 list all download locations and exit
  -clean                remove all tests from the tests folder and exit
  --dev                 get extra information to support the development of